This section will be divided into two types of Hovercraft, the Cruising side and the Racing side, both very exciting.

Firstly the Cruising side using my Osprey 5 Rescue Hovercraft, which will include Maintenance, Outings, Playing, and a few links to Film and TV appearances, as well as Rescue Missions…..



Secondly is the Racing side, very exciting with a great bunch of racers as well as the vital Marshals. My “Racing” was by¬† firstly using a “learning” wooden hovercraft¬† which was home made from some old plans, and then moving onto a commercially built Hovercraft which had been “around the block” more than once!

29-racing-at-claydon 012-whittlesey



If you ever get to visit either a race meeting or a cruise, go for it, it is a great sport with great supporters.

The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain is below, which caters for all things Hovercraft, Racing, Cruising, Building, everything….


And here is a site catering for Cruising, here….




Past life and times